Thursday, July 24, 2008

Republican Candidate Jeff Shadwick Rules to Allows Insolvent Company to Cheat the IRS and TWC

Judge, Jeff Shadwick (Rep.) candidate for the 55th Judicial District Court in Harris County obviously should not be elected to that office. We have found a case of Shadwick's where he has allowed an outrageous amount of money to be funneled from a company by the name of Immanuel Health Care to a shell company called NTH Services for purposes of tax evasion. The company was awarded a questionable TRO by the 55th in order to screw IRS and Texas Workforce Commission without evidence and based wholly lies of the plaintiff counsel, John Fason. The defendants in this case apparently detected the check forgeries and diverted funds and were attempting to close the company. The two defendants, Ray Akins and Edward Shauberger are Republican (RNC) Operatives and private investigators, they detected the fraud, tax evasion and forgeries. The defendants concluded the best way to stop the illegal behavior by the Palmarez brothers was to shut down the company and that’s when the plaintiffs came in and made outrageous allegations against the defendants in order to cover up their crimes and keep the illegal scheme in play.

In addition, indictments for the CEO, Robert Palmarez of Immanuel Health Care were issued in Denton County Texas and his brother, CFO Albert Palmarez conspirator. CEO of Immanuel Health Care, Robert Palmarez was arrested May 1, 2008 on two counts of forgery of a financial instrument. It is alleged by Denton County that the Palmarez Brothers defrauded and continue to defraud Immanuel Home Health Care out of millions of taxpayer dollars through a forgery instrument called NTH Services.

How can we in good conscious vote for or elect Shadwick when he would allow companies like this to continue to defraud the people out of millions of dollars. At the last hearing for receivership, Chadwick ignored evidence from the defendants of almost two million in IRS money liens owed and over thirty thousand in Texas Work Force Commission money owed. Is Shadwick an accessory to this crime? Can we really trust his judgment as an elected official? To make matters worse, plaintiff counsel Fason once again lied to the court and told the judge that the company was in bankruptcy protection. This lie was made apparent when we pulled the record on the bankruptcy from back years ago and found that Immanuel Home Health Care never followed the instructions and plans for repayment of anything and has only accrued millions in taxes owed.

The judge was again show-boated by the plaintiff Attorney, John Fason's lies and now Fason is trying to delay the trial and proceedings in order to keep getting paid by his client and help these tax cheats stay in business just one more day. Plaintiff Attorney John Fason has made a mockery and fool out of the 55th Court and has called into question Shadwick's abilities.

Shadwick's Democrat opponent is Mr. Dion Ramos